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Rooteq TR 60 Buitenboordmotor Trolley

€ 99,00 € 87,50 (inclusief btw 21%)
Op voorraad - Levertijd 2-7 Dagen
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Buitenboordmotor opberg en vervoer trolley

De Odesea ROOTEQ TR-60 buitenboordmotor trolley is instelbaar zodat iedere buitenboordmotor perfect past.
Het lichte gewicht. Het stevige buizenframe en bevestigingsmechanisme geven de TR-60 de kracht en stabiliteit om buitenboordmotoren tot 60 Kg moeiteloos te kunnen vervoeren.

Tevens kan de TR-60 gebruikt worden voor opslag en onderhoud van buitenboordmotoren.

Favoriet onder de Amsterdamse watersporters.

Geschikt voor motoren tot 15 Pk (4-takt)
Geschikt voor vervoer, opslag en onderhoud
Ergonomisch design , makkelijk in gebruik
Unieke inklapbare constructie
Lichtgewicht, sterk en stabiel
Verstelbare hoogte en wielbasis
Wielen voorzien van waterdichte kogellagers
Hendel in hoogte verstelbaar




Traditionally, outboard trolley’s available in the market are too large and heavy, difficult to use and almost impossible to carry around in the trunk of a car or stow away on a boat. 
The ROOTEQ TR-60 outboard trolley 
offers the ultimate solution
It is ultra compact, light weight (<6kg), can be adjusted to perfectly fit any outboard engine up to 15HP, is very easy to use and can be reduced so small that it can be put almost anywhere. 
The square tube design and the fastening mechanism gives the ROOTEQ TR-60 outboard trolley the strength and stability to handle any outboard up to 60kg safely and virtually without effort.
Besides of transporting outboard engines, the ROOTEQ TR-60 outboard trolley can be used for safely storing and servicing outboards. The large wheels (Ø23cm/9inch) and wide tread (8,5cm/3.3inch) ensure stability and usability of the outboard trolley even on soft surfaces as found for example on beaches. The tires are made of EVA material which gives the comfort and feeling of air tires without the disadvantages.

The unique design of the ROOTEQ TR-60 allows it to be reduced within 30 seconds. The ROOTEQ TR-60 offers affordable comfort for every outboard owner.